Depending on your component’s design and performance requirements, aluminium bronze forgings are excellent for applications where high resistance to corrosion is necessary. Other advantages for aluminium bronze forgings include: low friction surfaces, high thermal & electrical conductivity, non-sparking and metallurgical stability over a wide range of temperatures.

Our aluminium bronze forgings are often used within specialist niche applications where we offer a complete manufacturing solution, from forging and stamping, to CNC machining and finishing.

T G Stamping and Machining have a wealth of expertise in the production of the following material grade types of aluminium bronze forgings:

Related Specifications C62300, AMS 4635, BS2874, 2.0936, CuAl10Fe3, CuAl10Fe3Mn2 (EU)

Related Specifications C63000­; C63020, CW307G, DEF STAN 02-833 NES833

Related Specifications DEF STAN 02-834, CA107, C64200, CW301G

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