T G Stamping and Machining Limited is one of the UK’s most experienced hot forging companies, producing a wide range of brass, copper and aluminium products for companies of all sizes across the UK and overseas.

The process of forging or hot stamping offers a number of advantages for component and product manufacture:

1. The creation of intricate shapes to a high level of accuracy.
2. Consistency of physical properties.
3. A very high degree of strength, where the original strength. of the material is enhanced by the process. In die casting natural material strength is reduced.

These features make forged products particularly suitable for stress applications where outright strength is required such as a connecting rod or where high and variable pressures need to be accommodated such hydraulic valve bodies and linkages.

In addition to these more technical applications forging also lends itself to high quality manufacture of door furniture and fixings and decorative products, which show off the natural beauty of the materials used.

The ability to add precision machining to the forged product adds further options and reduces the number of processes for the customer.

SeaSeal Ltd has been founded by a partnership between the owners of TG Stamping and Machining Ltd (TGS) and established marine experts. TGS has a 70 year history of forging very high quality non-ferrous components for high risk, critical applications in the gas, oil, fire control and marine industries, where component failure is not an option.

This history and experience has been brought to the design and manufacture of a new seacock of the best quality to protect boats and their crews.

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