The company has the capability to provide hot forging and stamping with presses from 50 to 1,000 tonnes of force. This enables the production of a wide range of brass, copper, aluminium and aluminium bronze component shapes and sizes to be efficiently produced. In the second quarter of 2011 further forging and hot stamping capacity has been invested in.

We offer a total hot forging and machining solution which comes with excellent lead times and customer service.

There are many different kinds of forging processes available; however, they can be grouped into three main classes:

  • Drawn out: length increases, cross-section decreases
  • Upset: length decreases, cross-section increases
  • Squeezed in closed compression dies: produces multidirectional flow

Owing to the size of the massive forge and press machinery and the parts they can produce, as well as the dangers inherent in working with hot metal, a special building is frequently required to house the operation.

Our company offers extensive forging capabilities accompanied by a large CNC machining capacity. We offer only the very best cost effective forgings and components needed on time in the UK and abroad.

Forging from 50 to 1,000 Tonnes

50 Tonne Forging Press
100 Tonne Forging Press
200 Tonne Forging Press
400 Tonne Forging Press
500 Tonne Forging Press
600 Tonne Forging Press
800 Tonne Forging Press
1000 Tonne Forging Press

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